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Rob Roar Feat. Stella Attar Rockerfella
(Made up from USA DJ Chart's)

DMC World Magazine - Dan Prince (Editor) "The king of the Space Terrace unleashes 'Rockerfella' - the first anthem of summer"

DMC Buzz Chart "What summer house is all about, big smiles and raised arms across the floor."

'A' LIST Gaydio Radio 25-9-14
No.1 USA House Chart
No.4 DMC Buzz Chart
No.2 USA House Chart (Re-entry)
No.1 Canadian House Chart
Re-entry 16-9-14 - Featured Music Week Coolcuts Chart

Featured Beatport Chart
Burning Man Festival TUNE!
BBCi, Kiss FM UK Networked, Kiss FM Australia, Mix FM, Fire FM, Time FM, Radio Italia, Point Blank FM, Radio 90fm, Radio FG, Ideal Club World Radio, Global Dance Session, Juice FM, Energy FM, IHeart Radio Los Angeles, Passion FM, RTE Pulse FM etc etc...

Phonetic are proud to present the new vocal version of 'Rockerfella'. September 2014 and the release of this single has seen 'Rockerfella' cause dancefloor destruction in all four corners of the world, a HOT favourite at the legendary Burning Man Festival and No.1 for leading Tastemaker, Ibiza & Radio DJ's. The Terrace Attack mix became a firm favourite on the white Island. This instrumental version hit No.1 in the USA House charts, knocking Calvin Harris off the top spot. The track has just re-entered the Music Week Coolcuts and stormed to No.4 in the prestigious DMC Buzz Chart "What summer house is all about, big smiles and raised arms across the floor."

Here Rob teams up with the Fabulous Stella Attar, known for her work with Luke Solomun, they had worldwide success under their 'The Freaks' moniker. They topped charts with the global hit 'Creeps - Get on the dancefloor' (DATA/MOS).

Rob Roar's sound has seen him DJ in all four corners of the world with tours of Asia, USA, Europe & Australia all under his belt. He has stamped his mark on the House Music scene as we know it and is responsible for many a No.1 record and Ibiza Anthem, a selection of which are under his under his Max Linen guise alongside Leiam Sullivan. His productions have hit No.1 in the Global Radio Chart, featured at the top of the DMC Ibiza & Miami Buzz Charts and high in Beatport's Tech House Chart. Rob's recent 'What's Happening?' single featuring the Grammy Award winning Keithen Carter hit No.3 DMC Buzz Chart with; quote "What's Happening? The Phonetic boss is happening! Massive tune from the Guvnor":

Beatport 'Tune of the day' "Rob Roar unleashes a huge, Tech-House crowd-pleaser"

Rob has been lucky enough to perform at all of the Ibiza Super-clubs. His much talked about sets have seen him headline the worlds No.1 Club, the legendary Sunset Terraza Arena for We Love Space on Sundays. His productions have seen him in the studio with Sir Tom Jones & Boy George respectively, host his own show on Ministry of Sound Radio and release his press hailed 'Compilation of the Month' Ibiza Night & Day Album series. Watch out for the new album coming in October.

First up on this new package, Rob delivers his deeper 3AM mix road tested on the Space Terrace to a devastating effect. Remixes come courtesy of Phonetic's new protege Jay Robinson with RELOAD toughening things up. The 'Smoke You Out Vocal Mix' showcases Stella's unique talent, a prolific songwriter and performer. Last but certainly not least the Radio Edit, jazzed up a tad for those peak time Radio Shows.

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tastemaker reactions
// Kiss FM Australia - Tim Byrne Yes Yes Yes
// Kiss FM Network - Andi Durrant "Terrace Mix is wicked, like this and will support"
// Nico De Ceglia (Pete Tong Show - Radio 1) The 3AM Mix is the one for me.
// Spanish Radio - Willy Sanjuan 3AM Mix for me. Diggin it!
// Prysm Radio Will add on our News List
// Gary H - Gaydio As ever, this release simply keeps you on the hook waiting for the next drop - stylish!
// Tony English - SuperMartXe/Gaydar radio 3am & terrace mix is rocking - full support from me
// maDJam - MixFM Been playing this tune for a few months since the initial promo got sent out and now a vocal on it? Let's get this one out there :D
// Gaydio - Ant Nichols Really nice vocal mix
// Radio Fusion ON AIR!
// BBC Radio - Richie Roberts Long live the KING! Ibiza might be struggling this year, so much inconsistency. In life there is always something you can rely on...and thats a Phonetic & Rob Roar Anthem!!
// Fire FM - Simon Sinfield Such a great pack. Amazing track.
// Amazing Rob Amazing!Radio 1 - Stuart Millar Nice to hear that hook. cool!
// TimeFM - Andy Smith Love it top mixes full support hot tune.
// Dj Corvino Traxx - Radio Italia/Angels of Love Good Release
// Point Blank FM - Davey G Rob's 3am mix and Jay Robinson mix are doing it for me. Can't wait to spin these tracks!
// Radio 90fm - Eli Lev Playlist
// Niki Belucci - Radio FG FM Very cool!
// Proton Radio - Finest Wear Liking the vibe on Jay's Rmx Here... :-)
// Ideal Clubworld Radio - Beat Doctor Awesome track and awesome remixes as well.
// Public House Radio Big! Love this :)
// Ideal Clubworld Radio - G-Bace Great track... Loving the Reload remix....will support
// Ideal Clubworld Radio - Adrian Kay Like the 3am mix, defo going to give this some space this weekend
// Global Dance Session Reload mix is MASSIVE!
// Ideal Clubworld Radio - Richard Dally Fantastic song. Smoke You Out mix works best for me but the Radio Edit retains plenty of the top elements which is super useful!
// Gaydio radio - Phil Marriott This is phenomenally good! Will support to the max on Gaydio. Looking into adding to playlist next week.
// Juice FM Liverpool - Dave Whelan Very Cool
// Ideal Clubworld Radio - Walterwall Fire right here! All over the Terrace Attack mix, support in my sets
// Deeproom Radio - Mickey Imperi Great Release.We were very happy to promote it and have Jay Robinson as Guest.
// Amsterdance radio - Marcella Yeah! I'm going for the 3AM mix! Nice work..x
// No.1 Beatport Chart - ThreeSixty/Maquina Music Slammin' peak time house cut, full club, Chart & radio support :-)
// Energy FM - Tim Anderson A HUGE thumbs up!! Really cool track from Rob
// Floor Control radio - Chicago - RJ Pickens Nice vibe to this. Good party tune without being over the top and banging, like so much other music seems to be like these days. Thanks!
// IHeart Radio Los Angeles - Adam Meza Super cool track!!
// Gaydio - Phil Marriott Quirky and infectious tune. Support.
// Passion FM - Max E Groove Wow loving this. So happy and summery...happy smiling faces all round. Rob Roar in ACTION. Brilliant
// Radiofusion FM Italy This is on air!
// Time FM - Andy Smith Big Big Tune
// RTE Pulse FM Dublin - Christian Homan Such a huge track.Loving this! On it!
// Three Sixty/Maquina Music Slammin' peak time house cut, full club, Chart & radio support :-)
// Time FM - David Noakes Nice and fresh, a classic sound yet current production. Will definately be supporting across all my radio shows and club gigs.
// Fierce Angels - Mark Doyle Like It... will get it on the radio show!Love It!
// WSGL Mix 104.7 Will play in our shows
// David Stone -CJSR FM 88.5FM 10/10 In our playlist for months!
// Radio Active FM Massive Groove, Perfect!
// Tastemaker DJ's
// Stacey Pullen Cool thanks
// Ushuaia Ibiza - Severino Panzetta BOMB...this is great ..!!! Thank UU
// Prok & Fitch Love it :-)
// Hed Kandi International Resident - John Jones I had the pleasure of being one of the first to give this a road-test in Belfast...... and its been in my sets ever since. Massive
// Family Resident - Brisbane - Chris Wilson 10/10 This is an absolute cracker of a tune
// Matt Caseli - Pacha, Australia Nice vibe going on there with a twist! Can see this working real well on Ibiza floors this summer...tune!
// Darren Bouthier Defo a biggie for the space terrace. TUNE
// Daniele Davoli Good track indeed!
// Ibiza - Pete Gooding Very nice mate!
// Def Mix - Hector Romero Perfect for the big rooms but not over the top.
// Ibiza Residents - JC Big synth based track, works really well as the bouncy bass takes over regularly and keeps the whole thing cool with a classic feel. Great drums and percussion keep this track really moving. Definitely a BIG room tune.
// Rogerseventytwo Love it! Definitely going to play this one! Funky tune.
// D33P - PHD Full support, will rock this week!
// Flash Brothers Great pumping track, will be playing all summer
// Stephan Grondin - Arista/Twisted Records USA Full support, Love it!
// Shazaam - Si Edwards This is Wicked!
// Chris Lake Sounds good!
// Ray Roc NYC Love the synth on this one... proper !!
// Limbo Records - Michael Paterson Boom!!!LIKE IT! On this mate
// Ibiza - Alex Taylor Great stuff! Thanks
// Hollis P Monroe I don't normally play big room stuff but i'm diggin' this progression...
// Jay Kay - Belfast Just makes me wanna dance !! great groove & works a treat
// Pacha/BCM Resident - Des Mitchell As alway from Rob, cool & for those big sound system floors
// So Called Scumbags Great rework thanks
// Mr Spring Nice n' chunky.. jumping thru' hoops to download the file now.. ;)
// Basto Great groove!
// Alex Seda - Subliminal Very coool
// Vanilla Ace Big room action!3AM Mix for me
// Funkagenda Cool, thanks
// Peter Brown Nice tune
// Pacha - Paul Leverett Love it from the very first listen!!! Top class but what else would you expect from Rob Roar, Will be supporting this ALOT
// Freemasons - Russell Small Nice track, like it
// Marco Carola Downloading, thanks
// Greg Watton - 2826 Resident - Dallas 3am is the fave.
// Alyson Calagna - Crobar I love the Reload Mix and Rockerfella original.. great release Full Support!
// Tali Freaks - Planetfunk Records Italy 3AM mix will do for me ;)
// Redbird Sound System Nice release, thanks. full support!
// Havens + Hart - Mother Recs berlin Really impressed by this release. Once again we are super impressed with Phonetic's taste.
// Fabrice Dayan - Yellow Recordings/Azuli Rob Roar 3AM Mix all the way for me.
// Space Ibiza Resident - Jonathan Ulysses Great track and full support
// Al Bradley - Fabric Digging the chunky vibes on the 3AM mix here. Really solid driving beats to add some ass-shaking electronic goodness to the floor :)
// Joseph Capriati - Music On Ibiza Downloaded. thanks.
// Armada Music - Tjerk Coers Big track indeed!!
// Pacha Ibiza Resident - Graham Sahara I'll give it to you Rob, your 3am mix is the best by a country mile. Dance floor crew hold tight!
// Punx Soundcheck - Virgin Records Full support, Jay Robinson remix is the one for sure.
// Berto Mene Deluxe release
// Spinnin Records - Aad Mouthaan Terrace attack mix for me!
// Simeon Belle - Phonetic Recordings Like the Jay Robinson Mix good stuff
// Tim Andresen - Toolroom 3am Mix is a great crowd pleaser.
// Nervous Records - Runge 3AM and Jay Robinson mixes for me!
// Jesse Voorn - Strictly Rhythm Cool stuff
// Richie Hawtin (Minus) Downloaded
// Hot Lipps Inc. Rob Roar's 3AM mix is a great peak time banger! Thx for sending :)
// Stella Attar I love them all!!! xxxx
// Flash Brothers Rob roar's terrace attack mix we like! Support!
// Jay C - Toolroom Absolutely loving the cooler 3am mix, this is absolutely rocking dude, full support.
// Alex Blanco - EGG Club London All about the 3am mix for me. Great stuff.
// Kenny Substance NYC Smoke You Out Vocal Mix & Rob Terrace Attack Mix is cool
// Barber - OFF Recordings IT'S BIG
// Markus Schulz Downloading this, thanks
// MC Flipside Jay Robinson takes this tune to my territory...proper...the smoke you out vocal mix is amazing as well.... rinsin.
// ESQUIRE Nice track, love the remix from the reload lads.
// Dirty Freek - Hed Kandi Jay Robinson & RELOAD mixes will work well in my sets, cheers!
// Jon Fitz Great track - prefer the reload mix myself
// Sami Wentz - Defected/Noir Sounds cool, thx for the music
// Stimpy - Concrete Promo Love this - both Robs 3am and terrace.!!! Big fan Full support
// Edzy (Dope Test Cheats/Unique 3) Huge piece of music. Got me shuffling all around the office on this dreary Monday afternoon. Another solid offering from Mr Roar indeed
// Alex Seda Very coool
// Ibiza Resident - John Moss Loving it!
// Amin Orf Roar's Terrace Mix is a real BOMB for dance floors.
// Freemasons - Russell Small Vocal works really well.
// Brandon Block Wicked
// Andrea Martini Feeling this one, nice old school flavour
// Ibiza - Franco De Mulero 3am mix is the one for me. Full support
// Rob Tissera Love it. I like the vocal mix best. Nice voice, strong riff. Thanks very much :O)
// Roog - Hardsoul Nice
// Lucien Foort 10/10 Wow!!! This is what is making me see my chiropractor! 10/10
// Fede le Grand Thanks for the music
// Dasco Entire package rocks. Top work, full support!/span>
// Basto Great groove
// Daily Star - Mark Kavanagh Big, bold and beautiful: Rob Roar has hit the jackpot
// Inhale.com - Greg Zizique Deep and Techy House worked well with some great energy, used well on the floor to lift the mood right up.
// Billboard USA - Ron Slomowicz Great track - look forward to playing it out.
// DMC World Magazine - Dan Price (Editor) "The king of the Space Terrace unleashes 'Rockerfella' - the first anthem of the summer"
// DMC - Guy Garett What summer house is all about, big smiles and raised arms across the floor.
// Billboard USA - Rafy Nieves As always an excellent job
// DJ Mag - Lewis Dene Another strong offering from the go-to Ibiza label
// DMC - Greg Fenton Good production like the drums
// Inhale mag - Chris Rayner Love this!
// This Is Why We Dance Liking Rob's 3am Mix best here
// Lipstick Disco - Michelle Manetti Enjoying the Jay Robinson mix
// Music Week - Chris Finan Vocal works really well on this one - almost sounds like the constituents were conceived at the same time.
// IHouse U Featured track
// Thinkin Electronic Loving this release have posted thew news to the site
// The Hundred As a stand alone track, Rockerfella is inherently a deep house/tech house anthem with a heavy but swinging beat and melodic synths, but each version on the EP is geared to fulfill a certain need. Looking for a smooth vocal house track with deep sensibilities? Try Jay Robinson's flip or the Smoke You Out vocal version. RELOAD brings heft to the mix, creating a sturdy wall of sound to back this vocal driven example. Rob Roar's 3AM and Terrace Attack mixes are for those that want to key in on the melodic euphoria that props up this track. And of course, there's even a radio edit to boot.
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