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Dasco Ft. Justina Maria What I Need (Right Here, Right Now)
No.9 - Swedish Top 40 Charts NEW ENTRY No.11 - Belgian Top 40 Charts CAPITAL FM RADIO NETWORK (FRIDAY NIGHT)
"A brand new track from DASCO, this has definitely been doing the rounds in Ibiza, very Duke Dumont. I'm a big fan of the track and I'm gonna keep playing this track because I like it! I'll let the track do the talking..."
"This is Saturday night, this is DASCO, it's brand new and it's BIG!"
BBC Radio 1 Audio Snippet click here>
Capital FM Radio. Audio Snippet click here> CAPITAL FM /CAPITAL EXTRA - Saturday Night Capital Xtra Radio BBC RADIO 1EXTRA - Friday Night BBC RADIO 1EXTRA - Friday Night B LIst - Gaydio Radio "Another scorcher from Phonetic! Will support on Gaydio". NEW ENTRY No.9 DMC Buzz Chart BBCi Radio "Brilliant! New Entry No.30 Itunes Download Chart - Belgium EXCLUSIVE TERRITORIES TAKEN WITH MAJOR LABELS AND KEY INDEPENDENTS:
Benelux (NE No.11 Top 40 Chart)
USA & Canada
Scandanavia - Sony Music (NE No.9 Top 40 Chart)
CHECK OUT THE DASCO VIDEO HERE As another succesful Ibiza season comes to a close, Phonetic are proud tp bring you one of the sounds of this summer. Championed by the Islands residents and guests, here's a little slice of sunshine to take you back to those hedonistic days & nights. DASCO's 'What I need' Featuring vocals from the talented Justina Maria. Remixes courtesy of Phonetic fave Sauna Riot! and rising Deep House producer Shoko. Ibiza DJ Rob Roar provides the jazzed up 'White Isle Radio' edit. Dasco have been responsible for many a talked about track under various pseudonyms including "Get Busy" (Tune of the week Kiss FM & Radio 1) to the laid back chilled vibes of "Another Valentine" & "Always Be Together" on Mark Doyle's Fierce Angel imprint. They have been lucky enough to tour the world and have worked with a host of superstar vocalists including Jocelyn Brown, Andrea Britton, Tara McDonald, Katherine Ellis & Amanda Wilson. For the last couple of years Dasco have been busy producing & mixing behind the scenes for a number of well known acts, racking up a number of National Chart topping hits. Here the guys go back to their roots, doing what they love best...good quality House Music. Early radio support from BBCi, B List Prysm Radio, Fierce Angel Show, HMX Radio, Ideal Club World, Radio FG, Time FM, Capital FM, Griffiti Radio, RTE Pulse Dublin, Public House FM, Houseport FM, Global EDM Radio, Radio City, Radio 1 Italy, Energy FM, Reprezent Radio, SS Soul Kandi Radio, Radio 1 Gr WATCH THIS SPACE... Powered by Pitch One Promo - Genres we cover: House, Tech House, Deep House, Soulful House, Techno Info: For Pitch One Promo click here Contact: info@phoneticrecordings.com Please let us know your thoughts on the Soundcloud page. Check out the latest Phonetic previews:  click here
radio reactions
> CAPITAL FM RADIO NETWORK (FRIDAY NIGHT) "A brand new track from DASCO, this has definitely been doing the rounds in Ibiza, very Duke Dumont. I'm a big fan of the track and I'm gonna keep playing this track because I like it! I'll let the track do the talking..."
> BBC RADIO 1 - DJ TARGET (SATURDAY NIGHT) "This is Saturday night, this is DASCO, it's brand new and it's BIG!"
> Capital Xtra Radio
> BBC RADIO 1EXTRA - Friday Night
> BBC RADIO 1EXTRA - Saturday Night
> Danny Howard (Radio 1) This is good.
> B LIst - Gaydio Radio "Another scorcher from Phonetic!"
> NEW ENTRY - No.9 DMC Magazine Buzz Chart
> BBC RADIO 1EXTRA - Friday Night
> BBCi - Richie Roberts Brilliant Rob, Brilliant!!
> Capital Radio FM - Andrew Wilson Love this one! Leave it with me ; )
> Fierce Angel Radio Show Featured tracklist
> Mickey Imperi - HMX Radio Excellent Release. Great Remix By Shoko, Rob Roar and Sauna Radio. Thanks for the music. Will support in my radio programs.
> Ideal Clubworld Radio/Burning Man Festival - Mike Wall Yeah loving the vibes on this, support in my sets and on my shows. Thanks for Sending
> Niki Belucci [Radio FG] Great release, thanks!
> 'B' List - Prysm Radio Support!
> Time FM - Andy smith Love it!
> Patrick Ruane Aka Patitude Great Variety here! Full Support S.U.M. Sessions Grifiti kings radio
> RTE Pulse Radio - Christian Homan Nice mixes here.
> Ben Rush Nice summer tune perfect for warm up. Like the Nevo Dasco Remix mix.
> Public House FM - Lawrence Friend Shoko Remix for me, excellent! :)
> 'B' List - David Chevalier - Prysm Radio Wonderful ! Thank you for the track, full support on air!
> Stuart Millar Cool, thx! Sauna Riot mix for me
> Houseport FM - Chris Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
> Global EDM Radio/WDMN101 8/10 Nice tracks, Poppin!!
> SS Soul Kandi Radio Playlist
> Radio 1 Gr Playlisted
> Alvor FM 90.1 Portugal Great release, definitely support this all the way!
> Radio Mela/Modena Radio City - Maurizio Santi (Gonnosfanadiga, Italy) 10/10 Duke Dumont'esque
> Radio Latina 1 Italy Very interesting piece and very danceable
> Energy FM Thanks!
> Addicted to Radio - Mixgeselle Beautiful track - love the original. Full mixgeselle support!
> Simply Radio Playing in the show
> Reprezent Radio Shoko Remix
> BPM Radio America Support!
tastemaker dj reactions
> Carl Kennedy Shoko mix is an absolute belter def one for my sets!
> Dan 'Deeptrak' Andrews Loving this release... smooth vibes and decent remixes. My pickings of the bunch is the Shoko Remix with the added deep vibe and delightful pitched down vocal and a touch of sax... good work
> Kal Jhugroo - Underground Artists Shoko Remix is cool!
> Avalon LA - DJ Navarro Nice track, I like!
> Adonis 10/10 Great vocals on this track
> Brooklyn DJ Factory - Sherwin Charles 10/10 - Love this track. Rob Roar Edit
> Sirkus Sirkuz Sauna Riot! remix sounds best!
> Rob Boskamp - Panama Club NL Lovely release, all mixes great but Rob Roar edit is the one for me
> Arista Records - Stephan Grondin Will def try it out
> Ibiza Itaca resident - Joey Fabini All about the Rob Roar edit here for me, a nice hands in the air summer anthem.
> Al Bradley - Fabric Some strong vibes here, Shoko's remix definitely work for me - will support in upcoming Germany gigs for sure :)
> Gavin Deysel - Just Music - South Africa Really like this!
> Japanese Popstars Sauna Riot! remix sounds best
> Roog/Hardsoul Very Nice!
> Family Resident Brisbane - Chris Wilson Rinsing all mixes - Hot package
> Mixgeselle - House Music Podcasts Awesome - had the original on air already.
> Alex Blanco Can see the original doing well but the Shoko mix is the best fit for my lighter sets.
> Hot Lipps Inc. Liking the Shoko remix...a lot!
> Brazil - Anderson Noise Thanks for the music
> Jay Kay - Belfast Nice package here!! Supporting the Shoko Remix
> Fabry Pandolfo - Sleazy Deep / Mullet / Wound Music / Springbok Cool!! Thanks
> Peter Gelderblom Original mix for me
> John Moss - Ibiza Resident Nice Release!
> MaDJam Nice 90s sounding stabs- thanks
> Hed Kandi - Andy Norman Nice single and some great mixes. Vocal is cool too.
> Alex P - Ibiza Funky shit man!!
> Nick Power Original mix is doin it for me.
> Alvaro Marquez Nice EP, thanks. Full support!
> Dave Hart - Ivibes There are so many good things about this tune! You listening to it would be one more!
> Dmarco Top Tune, Can hear this on the radio already! :D
> Runge - Nervous Records NYC Nice summer feel on the original! Will be trying out the original mix and Nevo Dasco remix!
> Nico De Ceglia - Radio 1/Pete Tong Shoko rmx is the one for me.
> Armada - Tjerk Coers Cool One
> Kenny Substance - NYC The club mix is really cool for summer vibe.
> Marco Carola Downloading Thanks
> Ibiza - Duane Stevens Great vocal track love the sauna riot remix lovely summer track, will be pushing this in ibiza
> Matteo Pitton - Italy Downloading, thanks for sending this!
> Hot Lipps Inc. Shoko Remix and Sauna Riot Remix are both very cool - we'll def give these a spin. Thx for sending.
> Markus Schulz Downloading, thanks
> Bas Kunnen - X-Ceptional Wow! Great release!
> Simeon Belle - Phonetic Recordings Liking the Shoko mix
> PACHA - Paul Leverett Really loving this
> CNR Records - Marco Valvekens Really like the club mix!
> Family Club Resident Brisbane - Chris Wilson Proper feelgood package - Supporting all mixes on this platter...
> Andy Norman - Hed Kandi Resident Been liking this for a few weeks now. Good vocals and good house track.
> NEW ENTRY - No.9 DMC Magazine Buzz Chart
> Lewis Dene - DJ Magazine Nice feeel good summery track
> Think IN lectronic Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
> Inhale Mag - Chris Rayner Shoko mix for me thanks
> Neurotic Groove I enjoyed the club mix the most. Great vocal! Thank you.
> IHouseU Featured!
> Dancing in my House Blog Featured
> Thrust at the beat Featured - A personal favourite
> Top House Musc Blog Featured Track
> Notabledance One of the dirty secrets of dance music is that DJs often pay ghost producers to do their work for them. From time to time, the real talent behind the superstars step up and release their own music. Dasco are one of those "behind the scene" guys, and with this new release they get the recognition they deserve. "What I Need" is a summery, breezy house track with light instrumentation, sexy grooves, and an infectious singalong chorus.
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